We are off and running

Yes the pattern packs are here. If you want instant gratification look here, if you want to do it as a BOM with fabrics included I will be adding a list of participating stores very shortly!

I will also be adding a link to a flickr group to share your progress and colour choices.Life is beautiful pattern packs

Hope you can join us soon,

hugs, Helen


2 responses to “We are off and running

  1. love this project Helen…..inspirational quotes are my manna!!!!!
    can’t wait to start
    sugary hugs Wendy B ;o) xx

  2. Hi Helen

    I know I’m a slow starter, but I just have one or two questions. Was the flickr group ever set up? Would love to see what everyone has been doing. Even a blog roll would be good.

    My other question is back stitch or stem stitch, is one more appropriate than the other for these blocks? I don’t stitch much any more. I think the nuns may have put me off, but this is such a pretty quilt I had to give it a go.

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