Transfer correction – Jan 2010 – it has come to our attention that there is a minor mistake on the pineapple block in the Iron on Transfer sets. This has been corrected and stores have been sent corrected transfers. Please check with your local store for a replacement (where you purchased the set) or email us for a replacement transfer.

Update  – only the first 50 or so packs have this mistake included, the page has been reprinted and posted to all stores who had ordered and inserted into all remaning pattern packs still here. So I will be soon taking down the link to the corrected page. Check with your local store for a replacement page if you are one of the unlucky (or lucky – because it means you were first in) who have an incorrect page.

A designers worst nightmare! This pattern was checked by soooo many people before signing off the printing but I am so sad to say there is a little printing error in your tracing pages of the pattern. Just one teeny one, and you may not even notice it but at least one person has, and a big thankyou to her, so I can now try and make it better for you so as not to destroy your Life is Beautiful experience. Please let any fellow stitchers who are doing the project that a perfect picture is available here.

hugs, please forgive me…



12 responses to “oopsies

  1. Hey. Like the ideas for the journal covers. I think I must make some as Christmas presents.
    Love from Karen in Denmark

  2. I just dicovered that my pattern has this mistake.
    Not in the iron on but in the normal pattern.
    Thank you for the replacement.

    • hi Annelies, you did find the replacement page in the back of your package didnt you? or did you download it from here (this blog)? We thought we had corrected all packs now with the replacement page – just want to check we hadnt missed any. regards Helen

  3. Hi Helen, yes the replacement is in the back of my package.

  4. Hi, I didn’t get a replacement page in my package, but I just printed the corrected house from here.

  5. Hi Helen, you missed mine! But I just printed the corrected house from here.
    Thank you, have a nice day

  6. Hi, dear Helen !
    I’m now busy cutting all my red and tan 4 1/2″ squares, as well as the 2″ ones. For these you mention “cut 34 x 2″ squares of red and tan fabrics” —> shouldn’t I cut 48 of them ????
    THANKS A LOT for your kind help, dear ;>)
    Greatful and friendly greetings from Belgium!

  7. Me again ;>)
    Actually, I think I should even cut 96 (48×2) 2″ inches squares of each the red and tan fabrics !??

    THANKS again for your answer, dear Helen !

    • hi Nadine, you get some of the smallest circles from cutting out behind your middle size ones so the extra 2″ squares are just for the extra ones that you need to fill all meeting points. Follow the instructions and you will be right. hugs Helen

  8. Silly, silly me ! I should have read the instructions 2 times ! LOL
    THANKS a bunch, dear Helen !

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