Quilt as you go tutorial

Here is a step by step tutorial just to help out those visual learners when finishing their Life is Beautiful quilt. Of course you can apply the technique to many quilt designs.

Firstly complete your 63 blocks as per the instructions in your Pattern pack. They will already be quilted as per the instructions or your own choice. Lay them all out in nine rows of seven on a large floor space so you are happy with the layout – use the photo as a guide.

Pictured below is the back of one block. Pinned right side to the side is a 1 1/4” strip of sashing fabric.


now turn the block to the front and pin a 1” strip right sides together to this side.



see, the larger strip on the back, the smaller one on the front, pinned through all layers.


now stitch using a 1/4” seam allowance. Because you are stitching through batting it may help to use your walking foot for this.



stitched through all layers – remove pins

the front –


and the back


now, sit it back on the floor next to its neighbour


now flip it over on top. We are going to stitch through the 1” strip and the next block. Line up the raw edges and make sure the centre seams also are in line with each other. Pin


see the pin in the centre, it is matching those centre seams with the block underneath


stitch again with a 1/4” seam and your walking foot.


open out the two blocks and the front will now look like this – yes a 1/2” finished sashing.


flip over to the back- see your 1 1/4” strip still open there.


turn under a hem twice and bring the fold to cover the stitching line. pin in place


using a needle and matching thread, slip stitch the sashing into position.


join each row of seven blocks like this, then join all of the nine rows together in exactly the same method using the 60” strips. (there is a 1/2” extra allowance on these strips so trim it off it you don’t need it. Don’t forget to pin match all the seams and sashing strips along the length of each row.

Now you can finish the quilt by adding your small Template C circles to all of the junction points of the sashing strips. Have the red on the tan squares and vice versa. Lastly you will add your binding as per your pattern instructions.




39 responses to “Quilt as you go tutorial

  1. Ce patch est très joli et j’ai bien l’intention de tester un jour cette méthode de quilt as you go

  2. OMG such a CLEVER and well illustrated tutorial ! This even strengthens my wish to order that complete pattern set ! Hmmmmm, next month is my birthday…. HeeHee ;>)

    Smiles from my little corner of the world (Belgium) I’ll be back, for sure !


  3. Gorgeous quilt, Helen! It’s great to see this tute, too!!

  4. Thanks for the “Lightbulb Moment Helen!” Until now I’ve not properly grasped any Quilt-as- you- go method. Thanks for the excellent tutorial!

  5. Hi Helen,
    Have ordered the patterns and cannot wait to get started making this quilt. Having just watched this tutorial I am going to put it into practice on another project. Wish I had thought of joining the blocks that way. Thank you.

  6. Like Cherie // November 27, 2009 at 1:20 am it was light bulb moment for me also. I have been trying to find a sight that will give a tutorial on quilt as you go, as I find that easier to follow than just words. Thank you so much for this.

  7. Ann Matthewson

    Thanks for the tutorial. It was very well written. I have a question. Should there be batting in the sashing?

    • HI Ann, yes if you follow the method there is batting in the sashings- you are folding those back borders to the front over the batting. Helen

  8. I have been seeking tutorials on the quilt as you go method because I thought it would be an easier way to do a larger quilt. I was also contemplating additional appliques over the top to break up the straight line joins between blocks. I’m happy to see my ideas are sound, now to put it into practice!!

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  10. How do I get this pattern. I love the pattern and the tutorial. I would like to make this quilt.

  11. Wow, where have i been to have missed this until now. it is truly inspirational. thank you

  12. Thank you Helen. I obviously needed this. I just wasn’t comprehending it from the pattern and was quietly worrying about how I would cope with this bit. I feel like others that now I know I will do it with other projects too… my little machine doesn’t cope with big quilt projects easily and as I result I end up with many unfinished tops I can’t easily complete and can’t afford to pay to have done. Thank you again. Heather

  13. I love this it looks so easy. Just one quick question, is there also a way to do this where there is no hand-stitching involved? My poor old arthritic fingers don’t like hand sewing or even knitting anymore 😦
    Thank you for such a wonderful tut it made it so much easier with pics. YOu did a wonderful job.
    Thank you again, God Bless

    • Sorry Pat it really is a hand worked project so unless you can digitaise things for your embroidery machine then its probably not a project for you, hugs Helen

  14. Thanks for the tutorial, it’s always nice to be able to actually see how a thing is done.

  15. I am making a baby quilt with 6 X 60 strips of fabric. The back is one solid piece. How do I go about using the sew as you go method?? I truly hope you can help me, I definitely need it. I am 70 years old, don’t drive and so I order almost everything online. thanks for your help, I really need it.

    • Helen, its almost impossible for me to help you without seeing it. If the back is a solid piece then you cannot quilt as you go. You need to break it up into sections and use the method shown in the step by step tutorial on this blog – or Google search quilt as you go tutorials as there a lot of different methods out there. good luck with it – it is difficult without being able to go to your local quilt shop for assistance, thats why we still need our local stores rather than just online – to get this type of hands on help and classes…. happy stitching, hugs, Helen

  16. Excellent and really helpful – good clear pictures – thank you

  17. oh, thank you for this! I’ve been looking for simple and clear instructions. Want to make a quilt for my son-in-law for xmas and wanted something simples, as this will be my first one (don’t worry I’ve been sewing since I was ten, just not quilting). This is great!

  18. Thank you! I’d also been looking for simple and clear instructions! I just couldn’t get through my head exactly how to work this!! Thanks again!

  19. I still don’t understand how to connect a border. Any hints?

    • you just do a border in teh same manner -add the extra seam allowance and when you bring it to the front you turn it over to make the sashing.. or if not adding a border you outer binding is actually the seam allowance from hte edge blocks brought over to the front.

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  21. Is this BOM available in Canada or US yet.

  22. Brenda Harper

    Hi Helen: Just received my kit from Valerie at Pastimes On Line here in Canada. I am using a pink, green & brown colour way that she has chosen. Can’ t wait to get started. Thank you for such a great pattern. I will send pics of my progress.
    Cheers from Atlantic Canada

  23. cant wait to see it Brenda!

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  25. I love this! Is the kit still available? Or at least the pattern and quilt as you go instructions? If so, where can I find it?

  26. Thanx!

  27. Gita Purandare

    Lovely pattern. But just one question- are the template pieces on the junctions appliqués?

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