Some inspiration and snaps to drool over

just to tempt you and whet your appetite here are some pics of what the “life is beautiful” quilt is all about.

IMG_6869 IMG_6795


IMG_6873 IMG_6874



IMG_6810   IMG_6808


15 responses to “Some inspiration and snaps to drool over

  1. How long till your patterns are ready???
    It looks gorgeous!

  2. Oh, Helen! This is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait for the pattern to be released!

  3. It looks like a terrific quilt…can’t wait to see it all!

  4. Hi Helen
    Just beautiful. I picked up the patterns in Adelaide and can’t wait to get started.

  5. hello, love the idea, however I shall run “life is beautiful” through my shop Two Friends in Leeton using smoky blue greys and dirty creams using some linen as well
    I cannot wait to get started, I will use a deep blue charcoal thread,
    I guess you have to be a bit different at times
    regards, eileen

    • hi Eileen, cant wait to see it in those colourways. I love it when people make things in their own way, will we see you in Melb this weekend? Helen

  6. this just looks lovely…

  7. Hi there
    I am so excited as my son got me this for Christmas (after a very broad hint!!) and I cant wait to start it. I’m just not sure whether to do it in the same colourway or try something different?? As I love Helen’s the way it is I guess I will probably stick to a similar redwork look however I am open to other ideas!!!

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